World Geography Important Questions

Hello friends, in today’s post, you are going to read World Geography Important Questions, which is very important.

1) The Mekong, the great river of Asia, flows through how many countries .

Ans: from China’s Greece, Myanmar and Vietnam

2) Which continent is called the continent of birds .

Ans: South America

3) Which is the largest country in the world on the basis of population .

Ans: China

4) The world’s largest island (Majuli) is formed by which river.

Ans: Brahmaputra

5) Kiel Canal connects which two seas. Ans: North Sea and Baltic Sea

6) England’s capital London is situated on the banks of which river.

Ans: River Thames

7) Which city is famous for the City of Golden Gate .

Ans: San Francisco

8) In which country is the world’s coldest place Burkhoyansk located.

Ans: Siberia

9) Which region of the United States is called Tornado Alley .

Ans: Mississippi region

10) Which area is more affected by typhoon cyclone .

Ans : China Sea

11) Where is the longest zone found in the world.

Ans: France

12) Which union territory of India has the lowest population density .

Ans:Andaman and Nicobar

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