Indian Constitution MCQ

Indian Polity MCQ in English

Indian Polity MCQ in English

Q 1). Who heads the Niti aayog as its executive?

a. Leader of India

b. State leader

c. Finance serve

d. Pastor of arranging

Q 2). NITI Aayog happened from?

a. first walk 2015

b. first April 2015

c. first January

d. 25th dec 2014

Q 3). Consider tank Legislature of India that supplanted the Arranging commission is?

a. NITI dharma

b. NITI Vakya

c. NITI Shashan

d. NITI Aayog

Q 4). Which one of coming up next is the President of Niti Aayog?

a. Arvind Mayaram

b. Rajiv Meharshi

c. Amitabh Kant

d. None

Q 5). Which of the accompanying beneath is the bad habit administrator of the NITI Aayog ?

a. Montek singh ahluwalia

b. Abhijeet sen

c. Amartya sen

d. Arvind panagariya

Q 6). Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992 makes arrangements for a 3-level arrangement of Panchayati Raj for every one of the States having populace of above__:

a.15 Lakh

b. 20 Lakh

c. 25 Lakh

d. 30 Lakh

Q 7). Which of the accompanying state was quick to lay out Panchayati raj establishments?

a. Rajasthan

b. Andhra pradesh

c. West Bengal

d. Gujarat

Q 8). What piece of the constitution manages the panchayats?

a. Part IX

b. Part X

c. Part IX

d. Part XI

Q 9). The panchayat framework was taken on to:

a. To decentralize the force of a majority rules system

b. Make individuals mindful of legislative issues

c. Instruct the laborers

d. Absolutely no part of this

Q 10). Which of the accompanying states have no panchayati raj organization by any means?

a. Nagaland

b. Assam

c. kerala

d. Tripura


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