Chanakya Neeti Strategies For Success

Childhood Story of Chanakya

Let’s start with Chanakya’s childhood. Once Chanakya was playing in a garden, when an astrologer came to his house from behind, when he met his mother, he saw Chanakya’s letter and said that Raja Yoga is written in his life. The mother can also become a big prime minister of India will mark.

When the mother called to confirm, she saw that a sign was made on Chanakya’s teeth, mother started crying and said that you will forget me later because of Raju, Chanakya picked up the stone and broke his teeth on hearing this and what did the mother say? Because of your love, I will immediately end thousands of such palaces, this shows that Chanakya was never greedy for power.

Struggle between Dhananand and Chanakya

Later on, the patriot Chanakya became the principal of Taxila and became the headmaster. In those days, Alexander was moving towards India conquering the whole world, he was attacking the invasion to rob India, called the golden bird, had defeated Porus and Chanakya I had only one dream in those days why not united India should be made and a powerful king should be raised, he started meeting from different states.


At that time Magadha was the largest kingdom of Nanda Dynasty, which is present-day Orissa, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, all were called Magadha at that time and the biggest king of Nanda Dynasty was Dhananand, Chanakya has gone to him and tried to influence him and Said that why should we not prepare against Alexander and then Dhananand used to collect tax from the subjects and used to spend it in his gambling betting lottery in his indulgence in adultery Chanakya explained to him that it is the duty of the king to society If you take tax from it, put it in social service, then Dhananand said, do your priesthood, do not teach me the royalty, Alexander will not be able to reach here. Once again Chanakya tried to convince him again, then he pushed him down And when Chanakya fell down, the braid of his hair was opened and he said, Chanakya felt very bad about this thing and on that day he took a vow that I will not tie it until your kingdom is destroyed. Don’t uproot the king of a united India and make him stand up.

Alexander’s defeat 

Chanakya devoted his life to a young boy whose name was Chandu, his name was later named Chandragupta, he trained him, taught him many rites and all kinds of weapons, imagine with the help of 17 to 18 year old boy Chandragupta, he thought that I will uproot Alexander’s empire. Chandragupta did not even believe in himself, but he had allegiance to him. Chanakya went on advising him towards Pandit Chanakya. Keep him as your friend till knowing his weakness,

now Chandragupta said how to make Alexander a friend Chanakya then explained to Chandragupta that you join his army, in some way he entered the small child into his army and became a faithful soldier of his Given that all the information inside started coming to Chanakya, Chanakya had understood so much that the army of lakhs traveling from far away is now tired of the body and now we will tire them with their mind, they started spreading misconceptions inside. the second See in the midst of the army of Su, the river Indus was not able to cross yet At the same time, they used to make small attacks, they used to burn the flag of their country which is mounted on the mountain.

With the help of 10 to 15 boys of 17,18 years, they started making that army hollow, started breaking their morale, Sikandar could not stay for long, what is said that Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is wrong Sir Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar Nahi Jo Jeeta Same Chandragupta Maurya, yes no one knows that Alexander never got bribe in India Chandragupta Maurya took only guidance from Acharya and under Acharya Chanakya Panditji’s guidance the whole army was out of the house.

Strategies First( Attack on the perimeter)

Now there has been a lot of confidence in them, forming an army of 5000 elephant horses, think that they attack Pataliputra, the capital of Magadha and will kill Dhananand, now this overconfidence makes them harmful to them, they have reached 5000 elephant horses. Taking a small army, but within half a day, as soon as it was noon, Magadha’s army uprooted them and ruined them, somehow Chandragupta Chanakya saved his life and hid behind a hut inside, mother was cooking some food. Had taken the child and the child put his hand in the hot hot khichdi that was boiling, as soon as he started eating food, his hand got burnt and then the mother cried mad, you are a fool like Chanakya, if you put hot hot hands inside the khichdi It will go, eat khichdi from corner to corner, cool down and eat it from corner to corner, your hand will not burn, your hand will burn in the middle, Chanakya went and quarreled with Magadha in the middle, he should have prepared from outside. Chanakya’s eyes opened, he realized his mistake, he went and touched the woman’s feet and said Mother, you gave me a new big education, the biggest empire was that of her Nanda Dynastic, but she went and made Jesus with her, first, she learned from her mother that I should attack the periphery, then the outer circle of Dhananand in which states He had a weak grip and started attacking there.

Strategies Second(Poision Girls)

Chanakya adopted the second strategy, prepared a team of poison girls, what is this army of poison girls, prepared an army of very beautiful beautiful beautiful girls, who, by giving a small amount of wish, prepared them in the form of poison girls, this happened for the first time. Chanakya has done many things all over the world for the first time and this army of poison girls used to kiss the king of the periphery there and end it by giving them his kiss.

Strategies Four

Not only this, after this he created a third army of spies and sometimes used to spy on spies. Chanakya was an expert, was building a third strategy, building high performance, how he assumed the disguise of a sage and knew that if If you want to make a big army, then your mind, intellect and soul will have to be won. A popular person disguised himself as a sage, used to discourse stories to the people from place to place and used to do them slowly that you should join Chandragupta’s army. That I will talk with love and talk spiritually people will be impressed and believe my story and my story and will go on joining Chandragupta’s army after winning their soul mind intellect by influencing them with the power of their speech By taking it slowly prepared an army of 8,00,000 people, this army had already become four times bigger.

Strategies Five

In the next strategy, by building international lines, increasing his strength and his army, he took the Kashmiri king promoter with him, he ended Nanda Dynastic, Dhananand could never imagine in a dream, he used to be intoxicated with the tax of the subjects. Used to spend for his fun but Chanakya knew that I would have to fulfill the dream of a united India.

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